Aspiring Futures

By July 1, 2022Stories

Proud Partnership with Aspiring Futures

Aspiring Futures (AF) is a partner organization based in the United States. It is a Houston, Texas-based non-profit organization. Their main purpose is to fund charity programs that focus on improving children’s education and living conditions in underserved communities.

Our Capabilities

We established our ‘Mentorship Program’ through Aspiring Futures USA, which pairs our students with international students who assist them in improving their English conversational abilities and other academic areas. Our students’ English speaking and writing skills improved as a result of this program, as did their confidence and conversational skills, and they learned how to use technology to their advantage and for learning as they connected with the mentors online.

Our Accomplishment

Our children competed in an essay contest, and on December 18th 2021, we conducted an award ceremony to recognize their achievements. We also presented our Goodwill Ambassadors, who help us achieve our goal of universal education.

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